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The biggest thing I want my clients to feel when looking back at their films and galleries is how I added to their experience. I never want to be a vendor that is directing my clients the entire time. I want to make my clients feel comfortable to be in the moment. That's what I want to capture. I think it's easy to take away from the experience by "getting the shot" or requiring my clients to do things over and over again. Doing this is not authentic for my client or myself. That doesn't mean I won't direct my clients at all. I will have a few specific shots lined up that I know my couple will appreciate in their film and then simply set them up to be themselves. I make films/photos for my clients not for myself, and that really sums up what it's like working with me! Overall "a fly on the wall with a little bit of spice" is how I like to describe my style!!


That handsome guy next to me is my husband Joey. He is my rock and the glue that holds this family together quite honestly. He is an Air Force Pilot which makes our life very different than most. He is my biggest supporter and maybe one day I'll convince him to be my drone pilot too! ;)

My toddler is Indy Jae! She is a fun and most people would say "observant" 2 year old. She keeps me busy ALL day so if my texts back are delayed.. you know why. My kids are a huge reason why my turnaround time is 4 months long (for video). I am a stay at home mom first. I got into entrepreneurship to be able to spend more time with them and do what I love. This means less time for editing! It's important for my clients to understand that!

Last but certainly not least, our sweet baby boy, John (JC) that we welcomed early January 2023! He has been such a blessing to our family. 

Let's talk maternity leave. I am currently on Maternity leave until March 11th. I will be booking sessions and weddings for after that date. I appreciate all the understanding going into that next phase!

Summer + Abby


Just to make myself even busier, I also co-own Wallflower & Co with my friend Abby Grace. Abby is a photographer based in the Golden Triangle, MS area. She truly shaped me into the business owner that I am and brought me into the creative world of photography and film. Modeling for her for several years taught me so much. I use a lot of the angles and perspectives she used, in my films.


Wallflower & Co is a community of photographers and videographers who want to grow and build connections. We strive to create a meaningful and creative environment for our members. We host workshops, retreats, free events, and even have a facebook group for education and resources. Our hope is to continue to expand and maybe even dive into our own podcast.

Our website to check it out is

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