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Wedding Videographer and Lifestyle Photographer based in Wichita, Kansas

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Hi! My name is Summer Gebhart. I am a Mom to a beautiful baby girl, wife to an Air Force Pilot, and Co-Owner of Wallflower & Co. Working as a model for many years allowed me to gain experience in front of the camera but also learn from those behind the camera. This allows me to direct clients in a way that makes their videos more natural and true to themselves. I love photography but I have always had a special connection to the video. Through video we can hear the voices of those who have passed on, remember the way we recited our vows on our wedding day, and watch all the emotions run through a Mom's face as they see their newborn baby for the first time ... Learn More

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Turn your dream into a reality

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"Summer made this experience beautiful and easy for us! Everything from the questionnaire to her making sure I had eaten throughout my wedding day showed how much she cared about her job. Not only did she ease my anxiety, her work is absolutely flawless. We could not have asked for anyone better to capture our day. She cares about her work and it shows throughout her videos. I would recommend her to any and everyone! We will remember her for the rest of our lives as the beautiful woman who gave us a way to cherish our wedding day forever!"

- Paige Fowler

(Wedding Client)





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