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Who We Are

Wallflower & Co. is  a safe space for creators looking for inspiration. A space where creativity thrives and connections grow. To sum it up Wallflower and Co. is a community. We are striving to become a place you can trust and come to when feeling uninspired. We are believers of authenticity and individuality. Creativity can sometimes be limited when the day to day of  this industry becomes repetitive. Competition and comparison decrease your potential for growth and success as an artist. At Wallflower and Co. we plan to provide  a place, like no other, to promote self growth.  We want to offer unique perspectives on the subject at hand by creating workshops, content days, a Facebook Community, free networking events, and a podcast. We feel competition and comparison have triumphed community in a way it never should have. Community is extremely important in any industry. Especially when it can feel oversaturated. Don't worry, there's enough to go around for all of us. We are here to help you reach your potential and find your ideal clients.  Help you find a groove that is individualistic to you. Where you thrive and grow not only as a creative, but also a person. So, you may be wondering, why did we choose the name "Wallflower and Co."? To put it simply we want to be the safe place for those who feel like they don't belong.  A place where the wallflowers grow.


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