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The Wallflower Retreat: Five Unique Shoots, 

Two Guest Speakers,OneUnforgettable Event

Who We Are

Wallflower & Co. is  a safe space for creators looking for inspiration. A space where creativity thrives and connections grow. To sum it up Wallflower and Co. is a community. We are striving to become a place you can trust and come to when feeling uninspired. We are believers of authenticity and individuality. Creativity can sometimes be limited when the day to day of  this industry becomes repetitive. Competition and comparison decrease your potential for growth and success as an artist. At Wallflower and Co. we plan to provide  a place, like no other, to promote self growth.  We want to offer unique perspectives on the subject at hand by creating workshops, content days, a Facebook Community, free networking events, and a podcast. We feel competition and comparison have triumphed community in a way it never should have. Community is extremely important in any industry. Especially when it can feel oversaturated. Don't worry, there's enough to go around for all of us. We are here to help you reach your potential and find your ideal clients.  Help you find a groove that is individualistic to you. Where you thrive and grow not only as a creative, but also a person. So, you may be wondering, why did we choose the name "Wallflower and Co."? To put it simply we want to be the safe place for those who feel like they don't belong.  A place where the wallflowers grow.

A Cinematic Love Affair

The Shoots

Models: Zofi & Zach

As the golden hues of sunset embrace the famous Daybreak community, a couple sets out on a movie-esque experience, pedaling their bicycles towards a tranquil pond adorned with the warm glow of evening light. Against the backdrop of this idyllic community, the scene unfolds in a symphony of color and serenity.

Dressed in the warm tones of the setting sun, the couple rides side by side, creating a tableau of romance against the enchanting evening sky. The bicycles, adorned with flowers, showcase a soft and magical look as they navigate the winding paths that lead to the pond.

*Not My Photos*

*Not My Photos*

Vibrant Visions

Models: Kristina, Tara, (2 more announced soon)

Each photograph/video will capture a moment of sheer beauty, both in the colors that adorn the atmosphere and the unity shared among the four women. "Vibrant Visions" is an editorial ode to the resilience, diversity, and collective strength of women, unfolding in a breathtaking symphony of color as the sun heralds a new day over the surreal landscape of the salt flats.

Burning Love

Models: John & Paula Wolfe

Burning love is a celebration of a life well-lived and a love that knows no bounds. Amidst the vastness of the desert, this older couple finds solace, joy, and a sense of purpose as they journey across the salt flats, united in their shared passion for the open road. Join us as we capture the magic of their journey—a journey fueled by love, laughter, and the timeless beauty of the desert landscape.

*Not My Photos*

An Orchard Heirloom

Models: TBD

Welcome to a picturesque family photoshoot set against the backdrop of a flourishing apple orchard with majestic mountain views. As the family meanders through the orchard's verdant rows, the camera becomes a silent storyteller, weaving a narrative of laughter, shared glances, and the simple joys that define family bonds. The documentary style invites you to witness unscripted moments: children reaching for ripe apples, parents sharing quiet exchanges, and the entire family immersed in the timeless dance of nature.

*Photos from @kyliekatich and @Amberfillerup*

A-Frame Amour

Models: Linda Sue Luchsinger & Zach Taylor

In the heart of the Utah mountains, a love story unfolds against the majestic backdrop of nature, capturing the essence of an authentic elopement experience. This shoot, titled "A-Frame Amour," is a celebration of real moments, genuine emotions, and the raw beauty of committing to forever in the untamed wilderness.

The day begins with the couple getting ready in a cozy cabin nestled among the pines. Natural light streams through the windows, illuminating the details of the bride's gown and the groom's attire. Each moment is a candid glimpse into the anticipation and excitement that precede the exchange of vows.

As the couple laces up their hiking boots, they embark on a trail that winds through the rugged beauty of the Utah mountains. The untouched landscape becomes their aisle, leading to a secluded spot where the ceremony will unfold. The journey along the trail becomes a metaphor for the adventure of marriage, complete with challenges and breathtaking vistas.

The vows, exchanged in the presence of towering peaks and whispering winds, are genuine and heartfelt. With the mountains as witnesses, the couple articulates their promises and commitments, unfiltered and true. This is a real, unscripted expression of love that resonates with the authenticity of the surroundings.

Hiking deeper into the mountains, we will capture the couple in candid moments of joy, laughter, and quiet reflection. The untouched beauty of the wilderness becomes a perfect backdrop for capturing the couple's genuine connection against the expansive canvas of nature.

This realistic shoot is a visual journey into the heart of an elopement that embraces the challenges and joys of real love. From the getting ready moments in the cabin to the exchange of vows on a mountaintop, this photoshoot encapsulates the unfiltered beauty of love in the rugged landscapes of the Utah mountains.

This will be a full day affair, replicating Linda Sue and Zach's real intimate wedding which will take place only a few weeks prior. Her dress is out of this world and this video/gallery is the missing piece in your portfolio needed to book more elopements. 

*Not My Photos*